Player Movement
Hacking Mechanic
Player Abilities
Weapon Handling
Weapon Modules

Just like the body parts we want to give you plenty of customization options for your weapon in order to decide on your personal play style.

Artificial Limbs

In the first version of the game we already want to offer distinguishable play styles and so we implement a variety of prostheses.


Since clothing is a part of communication (which is crucial in Absolute Matter) we will give you options for these right from the start of the game.

Leaderboard Rewards
Artificial Limbs
Weapon Modules
Junk Eater

The Junk Eater fight will be essential in the beginning, so they will get a proper personal AI and a game play that makes it fun and challenging to get its items as rewards.

Train Event
Gameplay and Environment Design

These five compounds are needed so that the very basic game mechanics work in the game. We need a power plant for control over the compounds, surgery station and workbench for customization and medical stations to heal permanent damage. At the hacking station you make DNA locked items usable and can locate other players. Without these compounds some of the other mechanics will not work out at all.

Wind Power Plant
Surgery Station
Work Bench
First Aid Room
Hacking Terminal
Character Creation
Custom Quest System
Send Resources

To make every player more valuable when alive than dead, they need to be able to offer something to others. Therefore we decided to give every player access to only one of 5 essential resources in the game, right from the start. Players can send these slowly refilling resources to themselves or others, to trade or negotiate.

Hack Items
Server Structure

We want to have a persistent world for the players, so we need to ensure things like the technical management of servers, their persistency and their easy scalability.


This includes the game play replication, account management, mechanics against cheaters, etc.



additional Weapon Modules
additional Artificial Limbs
additional Clothes
additional Leaderboard Rewards
additional Artificial Limbs
additional Clothes
additional Weapon Modules
additional Tattoos
additional Drones
Spore Crawlers
NPCs for Train Arrival
Gameplay Adjustments
Environment polishing for higher immersion