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In ABSOLUTE MATTER the players and
the environment dynamically create quests.

With this new approach we create a base for you
to not just play a game, but
truly experience adventures that matter to you.

Therefore the game offers three kinds of invitations:
PvX-Events, Player Generated Quests and Environment Invitations.
All of these share one single most important goal:
Maximize Player Interaction.


Like you might have guessed already, you never know whom you will fight in these kinds of events. It may start as an attack on an AI-driven alien but end as a battle against other players for the loot. All of these invitations will happen spontaneously and are the only way for you to find new items.

As a first event, we implement the junk eater.


This alien machine searches for items hidden from the people, but will eventually destroy them to replicate itself. If you want one of these items you will first have to overcome the JUNK EATER because it will fight for what is rightfully his.

However normally this alien is a nice and gentle creature, only fighting for its own survival, while trying to clean the environment from trash and waste left by the planets dominant intelligent lifeform.

Over time, we will add more and more of these events so that the gaming experience will develop dynamically.



Not every species that uses the interstellar web is intelligent. Some evolved over a long time to stowaways and infect any planet like a parasite. Scare crawlers are one of the most dangerous versions of these. Their spawn contaminate everything built from carbon virally.

Full grown individuals become predatory and hunt for food in small groups. These dangerous creatures ruthlessly infect everything and you will want to push them back every now and then in order to keep the region safe for everyone.


ABSOLUTE MATTER is a place outside of governmental interest, only rudimentarily controlled by authoritative representatives. This leaves room for a lot of shady behavior of gangs, like smuggling or storing illegal commodities somewhere in these outlands.

You can use this to your own advantage:
Happening randomly at any time, this event brings important items onto the map. You can gather with other players and try to attack the powerful gang transports directly or search for the smuggled goods later, making sure you do not get caught. However, keep in mind:
The AI remembers!


Sometimes the government, companies or religious cults have to to transport goods through the area as well. They will use the train or airplane for this. These transports will only occur if these authorities trust that there will be no incidents. To achieve this the local train station or airport need to be connected to power supply for a certain amount of time and also be protected for that time. A train or an airplane contains a lot of high gear items and the companies will pay a considerable fee for the needed protection if you are willing to help them. Though, if you decide to get your hands on those goods you will have to betray and openly fight the defending forces. In this case, be prepared to be registered as a criminal subject.


In ABSOLUTE MATTER there are no rules. So you will need allies to survive. However there are a lot of ways players can interact with each other, if necessary you may always be able to just buy friendship.

If you want a specific item, a helping hand, ressources or just see another player dead:
Create your own quest for other players to fulfill.

Your HUD has an entire section dedicated to managing quests.
Every quest offers a reward for an action or an item, and the drone transport system will help you.


example for a possible small quest given by another player

Call for help:

This quest is the tool for you to trade resources or call for help in moments of great danger.

Headhunting quest:

In ABSOLUTE MATTER you take matters in your own hands. Bounty hunting is a huge part of the law here. Putting bounties on other's heads is a great tool against your foes.
You can kill hunted players to get their bounty - just browse the headhunting tab for the most profitable rewards and start to punish those griefers.

Edit your own quest:

You can create your own quests as well, just to give them a more personal touch or to come up with totally new quest designs!


A lot of hermits made deals with companies and gangs for necessary resources. Most of these deals are based around giving permanent access to personal memories or information about other hermits.

Every player is able to order a unique free resource to be delivered to themselves or another player. All of these resources are core elements of the game and can only be obtained by interacting with other players. (Yes, killing also counts as interaction.)

Energy cells:

The future is alien, energy cells are the reason we avoided dying by climate change.
All prostheses, drones, machines, companions, robots, vehicles and computers depend on energy cells to work properly.


The official currency is highly controlled by the government. "Beans" is the name for every tiny but still valuable form of alien technology you can find.
Beans are the shady currency in ABSOLUTE MATTER that can be used by players to trade, buy from NPCs and much more.


Your drone brings you ammunition on demand that fits the different weapons of ABSOLUTE MATTER.
They will bring you the desired quantity of ammunition from a slowly refilling stock.

Smart bandages:

Smart accident treatments are the modern way to survive the future. Bandages are needed to stop bleeding from common injuries.

Hacking dongles:

The mighty, world defending AI called TADI controls every digital behavior on earth. But hackers keep their own AIs as pets and clone them into dongles to help them with illegal tasks. Most technology must be hacked with dongles to be usable, rendered ineffective or be protected against other hackers.

Nano meds:

Smart biologically helping nanobots are one of the last technologies made solely by humans. This resource is needed to fully heal wounds. It takes quite a while until the effect kicks in and also its effects stop once you get injured again.



Bring this building under your control to produce grenades
ammunition and other military consumables.
This can give you a deciding advantage in future conflicts
or you can use them as important trading goods.

Humanity developed rapidly over the course of about 30 years after the first alien contact, leaving behind traces of this period everywhere. A lot of once futuristically advanced robots and machines where forgotten and left behind after a few years. Now they are hidden treasures for the forgotten folk, giving them access to advanced healing, communication and printing technologies they themselves would never be able to produce. Many fully dedicate themselves to repair and protect these technologies.

ABSOLUTE MATTER also revolves around using the different special buildings on the map.
They mostly are surrounded by other buildings forming a unique compound with a lot of
defensive and aggressive options to gain control over the area.

The map contains a lot of these different important buildings.
Some of them are:


If you happen to have control over the power plant
you can decide which other buildings in the surroundings
get to be powered and thus usable.
This will give you immense power, however with no direct use.


Trying to get your head hunting quests done? These centers
are able to provide you with the needed information of the position
of your or someone else's target.
This way you gain a lot of aggressive power over others.



Remember the times when you got rewarded for achieving outstanding things?

Let us bring back these old times. Gain special skins by reaching the top % of the different scoreboards.

Every player's current character participates in a lot of different scoreboards. Some examples for these are:


Most helpful:
This board shows those that fulfilled the most help quests and sent the most drones to non friend list players.


Most players hacked:
This board is for those who hacked the most different players.


Most hated players:
The more distinct players have set a bounty on you, the higher your score here.